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rates to/from the Continent South of Denmark 

All prices have so far been suspended due to fluctuations in fuel prices.
Quotes are given on request in accordance with daily rates.
  • For ordinary goods, the price is DKK - per km for one-way shipments that can be loaded on our own materiel (For load capacity: please see CARGO TYPES & SERVICES)
  • Any Road, Bridge and Ferry cost is additional
  • Arrival time at borders and destinations are subject to choice of route, traffic, departure and space on ferries and weather conditions
  • All transports include 20 minutes for loading and unloading
    Extra waiting time or other delays, which may be related to the shipper / consignee or circumstances which could not be foreseen by Spedhire, will accrue DKK 140 per commenced half hour
  • Up to 50% discount on return goods within ± the same route
  • All prices and offers are in DKK and exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated
  • All prices and offers are in Danish Currency and exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated
Price Calculation: for price calculation, the fastest route, according to Google Maps or Garmin GPS is used, unless otherwise agreed. For Google Maps click here

SPEDHIRE has been certified as carrier by the Danish Public Transport Authority (Trafikstyrelsen) to deliver cargo to airports throughout Europe.
For booking or further information please call us on (+45) 51362181
Spedhire performs international and domestic transport according to the CMR Act unless otherwise agreed between the parties and to the extent the provisions of the Danish Legislation does not preclude this. .
The provisions of the CMR Act limit our liability for loss, deterioration or damage of goods to SDR 8.33 per kg gross weight.
Transit and delivery times are subject to weather and traffic conditions and any other factor, which Spedhire was unable to prevent and/or avoid the consequences of.
Significant exceedance of kilometers in relation to planned route due to closed roads, ferries and the like will be settled at half price. Other hence successive expenses are settled at cost.
Compensation for delay can never exceed the freight amount.
Welcome to the Continent. We cover it all 
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