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Hazardous goods according to ADR regulations 

SPEDHIRE is certified to carry dangerous goods in accordance with the European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) in the Classes 1 to 9.

If the road transport is part of a multimodal transport comprising sea or air freight and contains packages that do not fully comply with the provisions for packaging, mixed packing, labeling (inscriptions and labels) but which comply with the provisions of the IMDG Code or ICAO Technical Instructions, these are accepted for road transport under the following conditions:

   a.   If the packages are not marked with inscriptions and labels in accordance with           the ADR, they must be marked with inscriptions and labels in accordance with
         the provisions of the IMDG Code or ICAO Technical Instructions
   b.   The provisions of the IMDG Code or ICAO Technical Instructions apply to
         mixed packing

This deviation does not apply to goods classified as dangerous goods in Classes 1 to 9 according to ADR, but considered to be non-hazardous according to the relevant provisions of the IMDG Code or ICAO Technical Instructions.

Shippers are responsible for preparing their ADR consignments in relation to ADR rules and in case of multimodal transport in relation to the individual stages of the total transport as regards transport acceptance, documentation, marking and national and operator regulations.

For shipments containing Lithium batteries in which air freight is included, the sender must be aware of the special rules applicable to these, regardless they are shipped as:

   •    Loose Lithium batteries
   •    Lithium batteries packed separately, but contained in the same package as
        other equipment. For example, electronic equipment with replaceable Lithium
   •    Lithium batteries installed in equipment. For example integrated batteries in

Lithium batteries suspected of being damaged or defective represent a high safety risk and are not permitted on any aircraft.

SPEDHIRE will only accept ADR shipments if the relevant information is notified and agreed upon when booking. In case there by pickup appears to be dangerous goods that have not been notified when booking and we will have to reject the goods, we will invoice 50% of the total shipping amount.

Rates for transportation of ADR shipments
- except ammunition for small arms requiring police permission (please see Weapons & Ammunition):
• Limited and Excepted quantities
  except Class 1:
-.-- per km - minimum DKK 425
• Limited and Excepted quantities
  Class 1:
-.-- per km - minimum DKK 500
• Fully regulated dangerous goods
  except Class 1:
-.-- per km - minimum DKK 500
• Fully regulated dangerous goods
  Class 1 - except compatibility group L:
-.-- per km - minimum DKK 625
• Class 1 compatibility group L
  (Full Load):
-.-- per km - minimum DKK 1,000.00
• Class 9
  Radioactive Goods:
By special agreement

The above applies only to domestic shipments in Denmark.
For cross-border shipments, separate offers must be obtained.

For further information and booking please call phone No. (+45) 51 36 21 81
Spedhire performs international and domestic transport according to the CMR Act unless otherwise agreed between the parties and to the extent the provisions of the Danish Legislation does not preclude this. .
The provisions of the CMR Act limit our liability for loss, deterioration or damage of goods to SDR 8.33 per kg gross weight.
Transit and delivery times are subject to weather and traffic conditions and any other factor, which Spedhire was unable to prevent and/or avoid the consequences of.
Significant exceedance of kilometers in relation to planned route due to closed roads, ferries and the like will be settled at half price. Other hence successive expenses are settled at cost.
Compensation for delay can never exceed the freight amount.