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Nothing is too small for SPEDHIRE. But in order to comply with the intended delivery times, we must set upper limits for dimensions and weight of cargo as our services are carried out with smaller vans.
Maximum weights and measures in one load are set to:

Efficient load weight:                     appx 1350 kg
Efficient length of load area:         330 cm
Max width of load area:                 170 cm
Width between the wheel arches: 135 cm
Rear Door Opening H x W:           135 cm x 135 cm (full height)
Side Door Opening H x W:            166 cm x 122 cm (full height)
Cargo volume:                               appx 10,5 cbm
Number of EUR pallets:                 4
Efficient load weight:                    appx 1250 kg
Efficient length of load area:        275 cm
Max width of load area:                176 cm
Width between the wheel arches:138 cm (same width up to 88 cm height)
Rear Door Opening H x W:          166 cm x 120 cm (full height)
Side Door Opening H x W:           130 cm x 102 cm
Cargo volume:                              appx 8 cbm
Number of EUR pallets:               3

Efficient load weight:                     700 kg
Efficient length of load area:         142 cm
Max width of load area:                 150 cm
Width between the wheel arches: 124 cm
Rear Door Opening H x W:           112 cm x 106 cm (full height)
                                                      77 cm x 120 cm
Side Door Opening H x W:            110 cm x 50 cm
Cargo volume:                               appx 2.5 cbm
Number of EUR pallets:                 1 + ½

It is the shipper's full responsibility to ensure proper packaging of the shipment so that its contents is as protected as possible with normal handling. The contents or packaging must not be able to cause any risk of damage or excessive contamination on vehicle or people with normal handling.
SPEDHIRE reserves the right to refuse improper packaged goods. This applies to dangerous and restricted cargo as well.
Spedhire performs international and domestic transport according to the CMR Act unless otherwise agreed between the parties and to the extent the provisions of the Danish Legislation does not preclude this. .
The provisions of the CMR Act limit our liability for loss, deterioration or damage of goods to SDR 8.33 per kg gross weight.
Transit and delivery times are subject to weather and traffic conditions and any other factor, which Spedhire was unable to prevent and/or avoid the consequences of.
Significant exceedance of kilometers in relation to planned route due to closed roads, ferries and the like will be settled at half price. Other hence successive expenses are settled at cost.
Compensation for delay can never exceed the freight amount.


SPEDHIRE has been cleared and certified as road carrier by the Public Danish Transport Authority (Trafikstyrelsen) and can take cargo to airports throughout Europe.

We can also take your shipment into the air and deliver it to the final consignee by rental car at the destination.

If you want us to take your shipment by passenger plane, the dimensions and weight must remain within the size of check-in or hand-carried luggage for the specific airline. At the same time the content and packaging of course has to be of a nature that is accepted on passenger planes.
For airfreight applies airfreight conditions.
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